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Orderly is a home inventory app that's more than a home inventory app. It helps you get organized, own smarter, and buy better.

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Hi Iā€™m Nick and I created Orderly because I wanted a fast and easy way to keep track of my stuff. After packing for a recent move, I found many things I completely forgot I owned. It was then the truth hit me ā€” Iā€™m not an active owner of a lot of the stuff I own.We talk a lot about conscious consumerism and knowing how and where we spend our dollars. But the reality is, we already own so much stuff. Imagine how much better we could be as consumers if we just up-leveled our understanding of what we own. From there, Orderly was born.Since I started tracking my personal inventory with Orderly, I have a much better understanding of the physical value of my items, I've decluttered and simplified my life, and it's helped me decide what to keep, sell, or donate.If this vision resonates with you, subscribe to receive updates and an invitation to test Orderly.
-Nick (@nr)

log your items

Your cherished belongings, and anything else, in one place

Orderly makes it fast & easy to catalog your items:

  • Previous & older online purchases - Forward confirmation emails or receipts to

  • In-store or app-based purchases - Upload or take a photo of any receipt and Orderly's computer vision AI instantly extracts key details and automatically generates a new entry categorized by type.

  • Very old purchases with limited records - Manually enter as much info as you have, adding to it over time.

own smarter

Smart features to help you own better

  • AI-powered integration to ask questions and get answers about your belongings.

  • Cost of ownership and other insights to help you maximize the value of your purchases.

  • Mark items as gifts and remember who they are from.

Buy better

AI-powered product research

The most time-consuming part of shopping can be the research process: studying a bunch of review sites and trying to decide on the item that you think is right for you. Orderly streamlines this process.

  • AI-powered search to generate recommendations.

  • Easily save recommendations to your profile as a smart shopping list.

Orderly works everywhere and is always synced

It's worth the time

Appreciate what you have.

With Orderly, you can be more intentional with what you buy and own. Start with asking yourself, what is essential? Begin with logging these items. You'll quickly realize that the more action you take, the more action you want to take.


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Creating an organized home inventory for downsizing and decluttering using Orderly

If you haven't yet signed up for Orderly, here's your chance šŸ‘‡

Creating an organized home inventory for downsizing and decluttering using Orderly

In the fast-paced modern world, maintaining an organized living space has become more important than ever. Whether you're planning to downsize, rightsize, or simply declutter your home, having a comprehensive inventory of your belongings can be a game-changer. Not only does it help in streamlining your living space, but it also provides a range of benefits that extend beyond mere organization.Benefits of a Home InventoryImagine having to make an insurance claim after a fire, flood, or theft. The stress and chaos of such situations can be overwhelming. However, with a well-maintained home inventory, the process becomes significantly easier. A detailed inventory can help you prove ownership, substantiate the value of your belongings, and ensure a smoother claims process.Moving from one home to another is another scenario where an inventory proves invaluable. It eliminates the need to remember every single item you own, making the packing and unpacking process much less stressful. Additionally, for those looking to manage their personal belongings more efficiently, a home inventory can be an indispensable tool.Thanks to technology, creating and managing a home inventory has never been easier. Enter the home inventory app ā€“ a user-friendly, intuitive tool designed to simplify the inventory process for users. From furniture to electronics, clothing to collectibles, this app allows you to log items with ease and accuracy, ensuring that you have a digital record of all your possessions.Getting Started: Using OrderlyUsing the Orderly app is as simple as it gets. After creating a free account, you can start by setting up what we call your virtual "places". These places could be rooms, closets, or even storage areas. Once your places are created, it's time to start adding items.To log an item, simply take a photo of a receipt or upload a photo from your gallery. Orderly will then automatically add all relevant details like category, purchase date, store, brand, total cost, and more. You can always pop into any product page to add a brief description, add notes on the condition, or even log how much you've used it. Next, assign a tag (or many) to the item, grouping it with related items and making it easier to search for later (e.g. "beach kit"). With just a few taps, you've successfully documented, irganized, and optimized an item in your inventory.Logging Items to Your Home InventoryWhen logging items to your home inventory, we know accuracy and detail are key. Imagine you're logging your TV ā€“ instead of just "TV," uploading the original receipt or email confirmation email provides specifics like "Samsung 55-inch QLED TV, Model Q90R" and backs up the receipt file. This level of detail not only helps in case of insurance claims but also assists when making decisions about upgrades or replacements.Categorization is equally important. Orderly helps you group similar items together, whether it's electronics, clothing, or kitchen appliances. This makes it effortless to retrieve information when needed. Moreover, Orderly's search feature allows you to locate items quickly, sparing you from rummaging through physical spaces or storage bins.Strategies for Downsizing, Rightsizing, or DeclutteringIn an era where minimalism and mindful consumption are gaining traction, many individuals are opting to downsize, rightsize, or simply declutter their living spaces. A well-organized home inventory can be your secret weapon in this endeavor.As you evaluate your belongings, consult Orderly. Use it to identify items you no longer use or need. Ask yourself: Does this item hold sentimental value? Have I used it in the past year? If the answers are vague or negative, it might be time to part ways. Orderly's categorized layout and detailed descriptions can aid in making informed decisions about what to keep, donate, or discard.Organizing Your Home with the Home InventoryOrderly isn't just about creating a list of possessions ā€“ it can also serve as a powerful tool for home organization. Imagine you're rearranging your living room. Instead of physically measuring furniture around to see what fits, you can simply access this information within the app.For those aiming to declutter, Orderly offers a unique advantage. As you review your inventory, you might notice duplicates or items you've outgrown. With this insight, you can systematically declutter, keeping only what truly serves you. The Orderly's virtual organization feature extends to your physical spaces, resulting in a more harmonious and functional home.Maintaining and Updating Your Home InventoryAn organized home inventory is not a one-time project; it's a living document that evolves with your life. When you acquire new items, remember to add them promptly. Conversely, when you let go of items, remove them from the inventory. Set a reminder to review and update your inventory at least once a year. This ensures that your inventory remains accurate and useful over time.Orderly makes maintenance a breeze. New items can be logged using the same simple process while removing items is equally straightforward. This commitment to maintaining your inventory ensures that you're always in control of your belongings and well-prepared for any situation.ConclusionIn a world characterized by constant change and the pursuit of simplicity, an organized home inventory offers a sense of control and clarity. Whether you're downsizing, rightsizing, or simply looking to declutter, this digital record of your possessions empowers you to make informed decisions. With the user-friendly Orderly app at your disposal, the journey to a more organized and intentional lifestyle becomes not only achievable but also enjoyable. Take action today, and embark on a path towards a more organized and harmonious living space.

If you haven't yet signed up for Orderly, here's your chance šŸ‘‡